Cornerstone Fellowship

    God gave Pastor Morelock a vision and desire to start a new church in February 2003. Through God's direction and the obedience of his people, Cornerstone Fellowship started its humble beginnings in an old restaurant building the following month. A small number of inspired and dedicated Christians gathered together day after day to begin the transformation of the restaurant building into a place of worship.
     March 8, 2003, over 40 people gathered and worked into the night to prepare for the first worship service. Our first service was held on Sunday, March 9, 2003 with 45 in attendance and a group of Christians becoming even closer to God.
     April of 2003 brought exciting news. A nearby church was available for purchase! Practically the entire congregation arrived at 169 Judge Baines Road to view the property. When the activity building was viewed by Pastor Morelock he envisioned the children playing there and knew that God was somehow going to perform a miracle.
     We say miracle because by the world's standards a church in existence for only 1 month had no hope of obtaining a loan, but by the grace of GOD, WE DID! The Lord used a local Fall Branch bank manager and five families appointed as trustees to sign for the loan. On May 6, 2003, a small but obedient group of Christians received our earthly promised land!
     The rejoicing and praise of our Lord erupted at the moment of the news and carried through the work that resulted in the grand opening of the new Cornerstone Fellowship just one week later on May 11, 2003. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. People visited from all over the area with 150 people in attandance to watch our oldest member, Mr. Jay Sampson, cut the ribbon to the entrance of the sanctuary. May 12, 2003 was the first worship service at Cornerstone Fellowship and fellowship between true brothers and sisters in Christ was abundant.
     This is the story of how a little country church in a "holler" on 169 Judge Baines Road became Cornerstone Fellowship. I guess you think that this is the end of the story-but not so, for Cornerstone is far more than a building. It is truly a house of God. It is a family, a salvation station, a refuge to those in need, a helping hand indeed. Cornerstone Fellowship is that temporal home where we prepare for our eternal home.

 From then until now, God's blessings abound!
Service Times:
Sunday Morning Times:
    Sunday School 10:00AM
    Preaching 11:00AM

Sunday Night: 6:00PM

Wednesday Night: 7:00PM

Cornerstone Fellowship Church
169 Judge Baines Road
Fall Branch, TN 37656

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